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Odyvu Life Design is a personal development process. Odyvu Life Design is not a medical service, nor is it a substitute for psychological counseling or psychotherapy.

As a design life coach, I will exercise my profession in good faith and will make every professional effort to ensure the client the possibility of meeting the objectives set during the Odyvu Life Design sessions.

The Odyvu Life Design service is provided at the customer’s option. The option to use the services of Odyvu Life Design is at your own risk.

To obtain the desired results, the client must complete all the tasks and assignments that are part of the coaching process. The client will notify Odyvu in advance if, for objective or subjective reasons, his involvement in the design life coaching process may be affected or inauthentic. Under these conditions, Odyvu will decide to interrupt or reschedule the life coaching sessions.

Odyvu does not guarantee that the design of life coaching methods will be successful in the particular case of each client. The client gets involved in the Odyvu process with the full understanding that he is responsible for creating his results. Odyvu cannot be held responsible for partial or complete failure to achieve the client’s goals.

The client must understand and acknowledge that Odyvu will not be legally or otherwise responsible for the actions that the client undertakes/achieves or not, as a result of the design life coaching sessions. The client is solely responsible for the decisions he makes during or after the design life coaching sessions, as well as for the consequences arising from the decision-making.

The client will not be able to hold Odyvu responsible for any loss or cost that he suffers as a result of his involvement in the design life coaching process.

It is also important to understand that design life coaching is a professional relationship between Odyvu Life Design and the client. And even if sometimes, this relationship can be felt as a close personal relationship, it must be emphasized that this relationship can extend beyond professional boundaries, neither during the life coaching sessions nor after they are over.

To carry out the design life coaching process in optimal conditions, the client will declare his responsibility that he does not suffer from any physical or mental disability that could affect his participation in the design life coaching process. He will also mention if he is under medical treatment that could prevent authentic involvement in life coaching.

Payment for each Odyvu session will be made in cash (at the end of the session) or by bank transfer (at least 24 working hours before the session).