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About me

Odyvu Life Design

I have been working in IT for 20 years, going through various roles, including leadership roles. I am what is now called a STEM woman because I have always been attracted to the exact sciences: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
I attended the courses of the Faculty of Automation and Computers, the Computers section, within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, at a time when the number of young women attending a faculty in the IT field was still very small.
It was 20 years of searching because I always wanted to combine my passion for exact sciences with my passion for understanding human nature.

In 2019, I discovered the “Design Thinking” process, which was a turning point for me.
Innovation, creativity, and curiosity started to be part of my everyday life. I wanted to deepen this process and specialize by attending courses at prestigious schools.
The programs “Designing Your Life” and “Designing Your Work”, designed in the laboratories of Stanford University and using the principles of the “Design Thinking” process, opened my eyes even more and gave me new, invaluable resources and perspectives.

I have found the balance I have been looking for all along. I discovered a process that helped me find my compass, rebuild my life and career vision, and move forward on my odyssey. With experience accumulated over the years, with empathy and active listening, I am here to guide you in your process.

The “Designing Your Life” program gave me the right resources to overcome the challenges of my life: losing the father of my child in 2012 after a battle with a merciless disease and reconfiguring life as a single mother of a 2 years old child.
For 12 years I walked a hard, untrodden, and different road that I denied, then integrated and finally accepted. It took a lot of creativity, openness, and curiosity to discover step by step the most suitable path for me.

Now I have a boy on the verge of adolescence and we are enjoying this period with all its challenges, I have a partner who supports me with patience and humor in all my craziness and two cats who fill the house with joy and play.

They all show me, each in their own way, love, affection, and appreciation.

Each person is the architect of their destiny, and through curiosity, empathy, and experimentation, they find their unique tools to navigate both joys and sorrows.

Why life design coach?

If all the answers were already within us, we would find the solution to whatever problem we were facing.

The truth is that we often get stuck and don’t find the solution within.

I decided to follow this path because I resonate a lot with the mindset of designers, one based on radical collaboration, innovation, curiosity, introspection, and results orientation.

  • Radical collaboration because interacting with various types of people outside our entourage can give us new perspectives and ideas.
  • Innovation because we can learn new things by looking at the original problem from a different angle.
  • Curiosity because only curiosity can silence judgment and prejudice.
  • Introspection because after looking outside we bring the new perspectives and ideas inside to consult our compass and build the next step aligned with our values and beliefs.
  • Orientation towards results because results are obtained through a continuous process of acting, testing, and integrating.
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Odyvu Life Design
Odyvu Life Design

How can i help you

There are countless voices in the world or in our heads that criticize us and tell us what path we should take and who we should be.

There are many opinions about how life should be lived, and influenced by these, we can accidentally end up using someone else’s compass and living someone else’s life.

The truth is that your path is unique, including your beliefs, values, passions, aspirations, strengths, or weaknesses.


  • We find out what your vision of life and career is.
  • We break down the steps that will build your compass. It will help you live a coherent life, meaning one in which you connect the dots yourself between who you are, what you believe, and what you do.
  • We discover what energizes you and what drains you.
  • We discover how balanced your life is.

I dare you

  • Take action and stick to it.
  • To measure progress.
  • Get results.
Set up a 1:1 session

I send out two newsletters a month with ideas about the principles of design thinking, how you can apply them in your life and career, and about the changes you can make to get closer to achieving your goals.

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    What my customers are saying

    I confidently recommend the coaching sessions with Raluca both for the method approached and for the safe and friendly space that Raluca manages to create. At the same time, the efficiency with which work is done in each session, and the goals set from session to session helped me to become aware of the undiscovered reasons for some behaviors and gradually replace them with good habits.

    Simina LeabuIncident Management Expert

    I highly recommend Raluca for life and career coaching! I was considering a very difficult career decision that involved a lot of risks, and she helped me to organize my thinking and make the right decision for the right reasons. Her techniques allow my strengths to be realized and my journey to be appreciated. Thank you

    Vlad B.Entrepreneur

    Raluca Răduță has the unique quality to see you for real and to fiercely accompany you in your process of self-discovery. She asks powerful questions that make you go deep and helps you to be brave when looking in the mirror that reflects your true imperfect self. I enjoy the coaching sessions with her and get out of them with renewed commitment to live a brave and authentic life.
    Thank you, Raluca!

    Andreea HavrișciucHead of Agile